Mystic Forest Escape (Mirchigames) Game

Mystic Forest Escape (Mirchigames)

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You were a very dedicated guardian of the forest. While everyone else slept, you kept your eyes wide open to stand guard.  In the morning, you would just sleep for a few hours. Then you would proceed to training for defense. You hadn't really met any bad people in the forest. But you knew that you should really wait before preparing for them. So you would spend most of your waking hours training. By the time the sun set, you would return to your post in the forest. You should strictly follow your schedule or your body would feel the strain. You were about to walk back to the forest when you saw unfamiliar footprints. The shape looked familiar but then you couldn't really point who owned them. So you placed your own foot on the print and surprisingly it matched your own.

You thought hard if you made it yourself. But the sun had already sunk lower and you needed to be there in the forest. Upon reaching the edge, you met a hunter. You were to rid of the hunter to protect the creatures, but with your schedule messed up, you failed. The hunter made you follow his orders and you did. But you also made your actions to fulfill your responsibility. Play Mystic Forest Escape (Mirchigames) outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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