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Mystic Castle

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You were tired from running away. All your energy had been exhausted and you were chasing your breath. But you still needed to get away from this black cloud following you. You could clearly remember when this all started. It was a quiet day at the castle. The sun was beautifully shining through the trees as you were walking down a path at a garden. You stopped once a while to smell the flowers when suddenly, the skies turned dark. Immediately, the castle guards rushed to your side and ushered you to get inside the castle. However the cloud came down and blew the guards away. So you took out your amulet and it gave a very bright light. The cloud dispersed and disappeared. You took this chance to run away from the palace. It was very clear to you that they were after you.

You didn't want the palace to experience any damage so you run away from it with a promise to return. You ran through the trees trying to shake off your enemy. But it was the dark wizard who was after you and soon he was just behind you. He successfully captured you and made you a prisoner. Yet you had all the determination to escape. Play Mystic Castle is a room escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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