Mystery Wooden House Escape 3

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Mystery Wooden House Escape 3 is brand new point and click escape game released by First Escape Games. Have Fun!

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Walkthrough video for Mystery Wooden House Escape 3

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28 days ago

I’m beginning to have a vague guess. When the Ruffle Flash emulator finally fully works as it should, that fact will please not all game-makers. I’m afraid only those few, like our esteemed author Ainars, can be deservedly proud of both their former and modern games. After all, esteemed Ainars’s games always had a plot and logic, and over time the quality of his games has not deteriorated at all, but, on the contrary, has grown considerably. Therefore, he certainly won’t have to worry about player’s comparing his previous and new games.

28 days ago

Красота )) ..но легковато конечно. Все таки интересно, где же тот прежний создатель игр, что с ним …Ну так интересно..”О проснись, проснись, Стань товарищем моим, Спящий мотылек ” ))) (Басе)