Mystery Urban Villa Escape Game

Mystery Urban Villa  Escape

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The remote area here is littered with mini settlements and all of those are just old houses. That's why one day as a resident there, Kris was confused why was there a modern villa suddenly and he admits he have only been to the path a few weeks ago which he passes almost constantly. But that is not enough time to construct a beautiful house there and it really both amazed and confused him. Kris investigated the house then and called for anybody who is living inside. No answer, it's like a strange thing just standing there, stranger even for the door was open!

Kris enters the house and the inside was also normal, the living-rooms were a little bit better than anybody's living-room in the area and it was welcoming, so Kris enters without the knowledge that it will get him in some real trouble. As soon as Kris set-foot inside, the door suddenly slammed and immediately Kris tried to escape! The door would not open on him anymore unfortunately and it's acting like a trap now! Escape players, Kris is now very concerned of his life here, will you help him before another worst thing happens?

Mystery Urban Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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