Mystery Miracle 01 Game

Mystery Miracle 01

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Reggie is trapped in the mysterious town here which was different from night and day. Through the day, everyone roams around doing their businesses and it seems Reggie couldn't get the attention of any of them. Reggie tried to escape from the place during that time but because the people are of masses, he just gets shoved back to where he was and it is back to the starting-point. By night however, no people can be seen outside and the place becomes an abandoned one or something. It is very weird but Reggie had an idea though, why don't he just find his way out of this place during the night while everything is clear?

Reggie might be breaking some rules here but what choice does he have, he'll just have to hurry and navigate out before he finds-out why there's nobody outside during these times. Will he be able to escape out of the town as quickly as he can? Escape players, join Reggie here as he escapes out of the place and you better see him through! Find your way in alleys and be very careful.

Mystery Miracle 01 is another new point and click location escape game made by 5n Games.

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