Mystery Marathon Game

Mystery Marathon

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A marathon had just started around the ancient castle and it is both a race to the finish-line as well as a mystery solving challenge. A few representatives of every village which the kingdom governs have been presented by their officials, all of which have the hopes to win for their respective villages will greatly benefit of the winnings. One of the representatives was Achilles and he was a champion in their place, he'll surely win but sometimes he has a problem with mystery solving, he admits that he is weak at that and that is why he needs your help on this escape players.

Achilles is going to run the marathon and you help him solve the mysteries along the way, he really wants to win for even though he is the champion in their village and he is most physically fit, some of his people are not that healthy and the sick needs to be helped, that is why the prize is very important to him. Escape players, come and join Achilles here and see if you can help him on this quest!

Check-out this adventure everyone and be ready. Mystery Marathon is a brand new point and click adventure escape game from 5n Games.

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