Mystery Mania 01 Game

Mystery Mania 01

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Join with us here on this many mystery discovering adventures. Mystery Mania 01 is the newest point and click ruined indoor escape game created by 5n Games. Best of luck!

There is another abandoned place which is still a mystery to the outside world, people just assume that the house belongs to a very rich family and it was never even been finished yet it was already abandoned. That day, Alvin went on a journey to that place to really confirm its real purpose and he just hopes it won't be long enough that it takes the whole day, for venturing in such a place is dangerous and it could get worst when the sun sets. After just hours of trekking through thick vegetation, he finally arrives in the place and the first thing he noticed was the old walls covered with lichen, it's amazing that it's still there even though it's really exposed to the elements.

Escape players, Alvin will now begin his search for the truth there and hopefully he'll get to pack-up while there is still light. Care to join with Alvin here everyone and see if you can find-out what the place really is? Good luck on this mission then and may you all be able to escape before it gets dark. Have fun then on this first mystery adventure for this series.


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