Mystery Hospital Escape

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The last thing you remember is that you saw a man being brutally murdered. It just so happened that you were walking down the road when you saw two people fighting. You didn’t hear what they were fighting about. But you can definitely feel that they were near hitting each other. Until one of them grabbed a knife from his pocket and ended the life of the other. You couldn’t move with what you saw. Your mouth had gone dry and your limbs were giving up. Then suddenly the man turned and saw you. He didn’t think twice to come up to you. But instead of stabbing you, he held a hard object in his hand and struck your head. Everything went black but you were able to hear the sirens. You have no idea what happens next. This is the first time you’ve opened your eyes.

You look around the hospital. You have no way of knowing the time and date. Fortunately, your record is on the bedside. You look through it and see that you came in January. Desperately you search for a calendar when you see the digital clock beside you as well. The month shows July. You’re out this long. The absence of the people gives you a clue that something strange is up. Play Mystery Hospital Escape room escape game by WoW Escape and get out of here fast.