Mystery Doors 2 - 02 Game

Mystery Doors 2 - 02

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In the previous escape adventure, Lee was in the town where he lives but there was a problem with the place though, for it had gone empty and Lee tried his best to find-out what's happening and also escape from it, with your help escape players he was able to escape. Well that's solved at least barely, but now we have a new challenge for you escape players, and that is in an abandoned building which was unfinished. Mar was pretty curious of the building and in fact he had been for years and that's why one day, he finally decided to check it out for it is really killing him in finding-out what the building has for he sees people there at times.

Mar enters the building and he is carefully doing so for the people roaming around the structure might be thugs and he could get in danger in there, well actually he did but it has nothing to do with the illegal settlers there. Mar got lost in the building for even though it is unfinished, there are a lot of halls and that got him in trouble. Mar fears he'll come across one or more of those people living there, that's why he needs to get out for his safety now is pretty low. Escape players, want to help Mar here escape the building before somebody finds him?

Mystery Doors 2 - 02 is a brand new point and click structure escape game released by 5n Games. This game is a part of the first one as the start of the series.

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