Mystery Doors 2 - 01 Game

Mystery Doors 2 - 01

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We will now tackle a new mystery escape adventure and this time, it's in a place nobody would expect to suddenly get abandoned. Lee is living in that place and such is a well established town and it doesn't really run-out of people doing their own businesses and daily routines. But one day however, Lee woke-up and found that the town was finally empty of people! And even weirder too it happened during the sun was out which was absolutely impossible to happen. Lee explored a bit and knocked on some of the doors, no response, it's like the place was totally deserted but how in a very short time? Where was his parents? Did he miss anything? He asked himself a million questions but still, he needs to figure-out what happened here so he can plan his next move.

Escape players, Lee is planning to leave the town and then he'll decide what he needs to do next, the problem is he had never seen the town empty like this and it's somehow getting him lost from time to time as he navigates. Will you help him out and test your navigation skills as well?

Mystery Doors 2 - 01 is a brand new point and click area escape game released by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the previous series.

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