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Mystery Craze

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The village is now abandoned and as a witch who have been waiting for years for something like this to happen, it is now her time to find what she can't get which she knows is hidden somewhere among the houses in that said village. Why the village got abandoned suddenly was not her doing though, but in her visions before she saw that this was bound to happen but she just really don't know when. Now that the time has come, she will be coming over to make that spell she had been wanting to accomplish.

The witch is neither good nor bad escape players, and her spell wasn't exactly designed to hurt anyone, she just wants to get something which might increase her powers, yet she is being despised by the villagers there that's why she can't get in the settlement without being chased by an angry mob. Escape players, will you help the witch here? If she finishes then she might have the power to keep the place safe but that is all depending on her mood though. Find things around the village and help the witch with her concoction here which was going to be in the middle of the place.

Mystery Craze is the newest point and click items retrieval escape game created by 5n Games.

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