Mystery Bat Cave Escape Game

Mystery Bat Cave Escape

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The cave is a good place to go on an adventure to, but the stories are strange and the tough terrain there is really dangerous, that's why going in there is currently not allowed for safety purposes. As for the stories about the place though, well nothing is sure about it from the stories of travelers who got lost down there and managed to escape. They said they were chased by a giant bat and it was definitely scary, but that made them able to escape however, for the others who came before though they were unfortunately not so lucky.

That day even though there are now restrictions in place, Lee still entered and took all the risk for the adventure! Well because he did that, unfortunately he'll get what's coming to him and it will definitely not be easy to solve. Lee got lost in the cave complexes for not only he doesn't have a guide, he didn't deploy a guide-line for he never really has one! Now Lee remembers the stories after people got lost in there, that mysterious bat and really Lee is concerned with that for nobody knows what it is, his risks of coming face to face with the creature though is going up every second now and he definitely needs to escape. Will you be able to help escape players for the escape here? Lee is regretting what he has done now and this could cost him his life.

Mystery Bat Cave Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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