Mystery Arena Escape Game

Mystery Arena Escape

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Mystery Arena Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from 5n Games. Enjoy and try your best to escape from a cozy place in the building.

The call center building has this pretty cozy sleeping quarters and one would not believe that the comfort rooms there were also cozy enough that you can actually have a good and nice rest there. Break-time for Alice's team and they all planned to just rest at the sleeping lounge for they had a rough night before and the work is just piling. After an hour, Alice woke-up just a little bit above rested but when she looked around her, all her friends were gone! Did they just abandoned me? Says Alice. Looks like it, but actually there was more there which she did not expect.

Alice stood-up and was pissed but when she tried the door, her mood was added with a little confusion for a lot of questions popped in her mind like, did they planted a prank on her? Is this some sort of accident for really if it is, that would explain why there's nobody around here except her. Nevertheless, Alice needs to escape the lounge for not only she is greatly concerned about this, she will be late if she doesn't escape now. Escape players, the situation here with Alice is yours to try. Will your skills be enough for this? Expect no rescue for you and Good luck!

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