Mystery Aficionado 01 Game

Mystery Aficionado 01

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You love going to abandoned places and you just can't help it for it makes you relax and be at peace, maybe your sentimental side is getting to you at times and that could be another factor why you love such places. That day, you went to your favorite one and that is at an old and under-constructed warehouse or a mall maybe for you need some peace of mind. After a while of staying there, you thought maybe you can navigate the place entirely for you have never done that before, you have never been to the middle floors and the ground levels for those places creeps you out, but it was a sunny day that day so it was good.

You were at the ground levels and roaming around is actually tiring, but those feelings quickly went away though for when you realized you could no longer find the right way, you started to get pretty concerned! This is ruining your relaxation now and is being converted to concern and worry, escape players what will you then if you are faced with the same situation? Will you be able to get yourselves out of there?

Mystery Aficionado 01 is the newest point and click abandoned place escape game from 5n Games.

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