Mysterious Swamp Escape Game

Mysterious Swamp Escape

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After you've met Eddie and Sue at the carnival, you never saw them. You tried going back to the carnival where they frequent. But even their guardian wasn't around. This made you lonely as they were your friends who shared the same mysterious background. They were from the past. A past they wished to forget and a past they never wanted to return. They were about to be killed by someone who was after the throne. Eddie and Sue were the children of the king and queen who died a tragic death. Since then, their lives were put to danger. One of the mages stepped out from hiding to help the kids escape their fate. He brought them to the present where they lived peacefully yet still mysteriously. And that was how you found them. They were wandering around the carnival trying out things.

But the magic in them can't be denied. You felt it instantly and made a connection with them. Surprisingly, they felt the magic from you as well. And your friendship began. But you heard from someone passing by that the magic stone disappeared. You know very well that only the guardian of Eddie and Sue was the owner of the stone. So you instantly went to the swamp where the magic stone stayed. Play Mysterious Swamp Escape outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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