Mysterious Summer Forest Escape Game

Mysterious Summer Forest Escape

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Since summer it's about to end, you were thinking about all the great stuff you did. You were at the sea, laid on the beach and had lots of fun. But in retrospective, you feel like something is missing: a real adventure. So you packed up and left immediately to explore a summer forest on your own. You arrive at the airport and hailed a transport to your lodging right away. The next day, you start trekking but because you are not totally prepared, things had gone wrong.

You start recounting your steps and trying to remember where you came from. Finally, you hear a rushing of water and saw the So your adventure turned into a surviving mission in just couple of hours. You have rations for you to last 2-3days but that's just about it. It's time to end this adventure and find a way out from the forest. Use your best skills. Good luck and have fun!

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