Mysterious Pumpkin Carriage Escape

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Buck have found himself in his worst nightmare, and that is getting lost in the mysterious forest in the dead of night and he has no help! How did he get himself into such a situation? Well his curiosity got the best of him and course, that is one major thing which can get people into a serious bind most of the time. Buck really needs to get out of this forest now if he wants to see morning again, but for this he must heed the stories of the place on how to escape the area if one is lost in there.

The forest here is covered with enchanted things and that is making it hard to escape from, probably even impossible. That’s why the only way out of there even though ridiculous is, one must find this said pumpkin carriage somewhere in this spooky forest and that will guide them back to where they are suppose to be. How is Buck going to find such a thing here? Well he must and it is said that the said task is not that difficult. The hardest part of it however is getting it to agree with you. Escape players, want to help Buck here find that carriage and see if you can also help him in getting into it so he can go home? Go ahead then and be very careful of the place, for the area here has a mind of its own and it can definitely go against you anytime.

Mysterious Pumpkin Carriage Escape is a brand new point and click scary dark wilderness escape game released by Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Mysterious Pumpkin Carriage Escape

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