Mysterious Password Forest - Autumn Edition Game

Mysterious Password Forest - Autumn Edition

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The forest was always so weird for there seems to be some magical things happening there and sometimes mystical things can be seen coming in and out from there too. Nathaniel however experienced the full dose of it for that day he is in the forest and upon entering, he was instantly given a task by a being and now he can't escape without solving that!

The being told Nathaniel that he needs to retrieve 20 blackberries which was scattered in the forest and 5 blueberries before the day ends, if he ever was able to successfully do that then he will be permitted to leave. Fail and who knows what will happen. That's good though, for Nathaniel was already planning to go on an adventure into the place and it so happens he was given a task, so he'll do that of course and get his adventure done as well. Escape players, this is some mission given to Nathaniel here which can be dangerous, want to join Nathaniel and see if you can get that done as well?

Mysterious Password Forest - Autumn Edition is a point and click retrieval escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore autumn forest to find various items. Solve some puzzles to escape!

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