Mysterious Garden Game

Mysterious Garden

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Life is very hard at the moment. Good thing it's near the end of the school year. You'll be able to find some work and save up for school next year. You look around your neighborhood for some posters looking for employees. While walking around, a ball rolls towards you. You pick up the ball and look around. Then you see a little boy running towards you with eyes on the ball. You instantly understand what he wants. So you bend down to give the ball to him. Behind him is a man running towards you as well. He's the older brother of the boy and he thanks you for catching the ball. He looks at what you're holding. You try to hide it behind your back and walk away. But he stops you and asks you questions. It's a bit weird for you but he smiles gently.

Then he offers you to work for them. He's always out of the house as he is working and his little brother doesn't have a nanny. You instantly agree to his offer after ironing out all your concerns. You go with them to their house to settle down. The little boy and his brother need to do some shopping and you'll be with the other workers. He instructs you to roam around the house to familiarize the place. So you walk around the house. Then you see a garden which slowly turns into something other worldly. Play Mysterious Garden outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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