Mysterious Foggy Forest Escape

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You’re a student from a magical academy. Among the thick trees of unexplored forests lies your school. You’ll be staying here for the whole school year. You won’t be able to leave unless it’s the end of the school year. So you only get to roam around the vicinity. Your school caters to even small kids. And so sometimes, you get to volunteer and help with the kids. Your magical ability is way above average so you get to skip some classes. However, you need to use your free time to lend some help in training the younger learners. You also get to be their playmate when they’re bored. Plus, your area to roam around is wider. So for today, you’re out to explore the darker side of the forest. It’s always foggy here. Skills for extreme tests happen here.

You’re not expecting anyone here. This will be used only until a few months later. But you see someone moving about like he has no idea where he is. You try to back away but he notices you first so you have to hear out now. He’s asking for help but you can’t let him know about your abilities. Play Mysterious Foggy Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Free Room Escape.

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