A toad looks on as tresspassers enter the cave in Mysterious Cave game.

Mysterious Cave

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You spend your summer in your relatives’ home by the lake. You are very close to your Uncle Frank and Aunt Mima and because of this, you’re best friends with your cousin Louis. Furthermore, this house you’re staying in is the place of your birth. Your Uncle Frank, a cartoonist, always comes up with the best stories that you and your cousin enjoy very much. When he told a story about the mysterious cave not far from the house, you and Louis secretly made it your base. However, you’ve not yet explored the depths of the cave and there’s little you know about it. That is only until you and your cousin found a journal within that same cave.

Mysterious Cave is a point’n click adventure/escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Enter the ancient cave. Search for artifacts and help to frog. Solve the mystery of this place to open passage to the underground city. Good Luck!

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Walkthrough video for Mysterious Cave

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