Mysterious Buried Temple Game

Mysterious Buried Temple

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You rarely enjoyed having to work outside of your usual workplace. However, your work needed you to be in different places once in a while. You enjoyed the travel there but not necessarily the work that came with it. Your boss assigned you to work remotely for a week. You were always ready with your excuse. But you never had the chance to use it since you always say yes immediately. You packed your bags that night and suddenly got curious about the sights you might enjoy there. So you searched on your tablet for places you could possibly visit. One of the results was a temple located on the side of the mountain. This temple got its name from a lady. But due to the location and heavy rains, the land swallowed the temple. It seemed like its beauty had just turned into a memory.

The article saddened you yet at the same time made you want to see the location. You arrived at your assigned place the next morning. And you made sure to perform and finish the tasks required for the day. Then after a busy day, you booked a vehicle to take you to the ruins of the buried temple. But when you arrived, the temple stood like nothing happened. And you found yourself wandering inside until your realized you lost the way out. Play Mysterious Buried Temple room escape game by NSR Games.

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