Mysterious Autumn Forest 3 Game

Mysterious Autumn Forest 3

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A family of five lives in a mysterious forest just outside of town. Everyone keeps away from this family because they all find them strange. A few farmers coming home from a trip saw the family sitting at the field in a circular fashion. This happens during the full moon. They're are also seen chanting and this led for the town people to believe that they're witches. The family, however, is not oblivious to the rumor. In fact, they don't see this as offensive. The family is one of the few covens currently existing to keep the dead from rising where they lay. One day, a few children sneaks into the property and interrupted the chanting. Soon, the ground is breaking and the dead rises up heading towards the town.

Mysterious Autumn Forest 3 is a game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore the mysterious forest and search for ancient stones to activate portals and unlock new locations. Find black forest crow to activate final portal to finally escape from the forest. Good luck and have fun!


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