Musical Land Escape Game

Musical Land Escape

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When you were younger, you discovered an old keyboard in your attic. Huge batteries ran it. So you looked around your house for batteries that would fit. You saw some inside a chest. You wondered if it work but you just had to try. There was a weird noise from the keyboard after you replaced the lid at the back. Then you tried pushing some of the keys. Some were working, some weren't. But it gave you so much joy. Since that day, you always played the keyboard with some notes you made up. You had no formal training and your parents just couldn't afford to send you to lessons. And they wouldn't be able to buy you a new keyboard as well. But your love for music stayed with you. So you promised yourself that you would save up enough money for your own instrument.

You were searching on the internet for the best place to buy instruments. Then an ad popped up. It was about Musical Land where you could buy any instrument you could think of. You got so interested with the place that you decided to check it out. And maybe you could buy your keyboard there. Play Musical Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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