Mushroom Land 2 Game

Mushroom Land 2

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You were once again out in Mushroom Land. The last time you were there, you needed to find your way out. It took quite a while but you were able to escape. This time, you found yourself once more in this land. You were not so sure why, but it seemed like someone was making you return. But that question was for later. What you need right now was to leave. You had prior commitments and you couldn't just cancel them because you were stuck somewhere. So you looked around for someone who could help. Then you found an old man. You were trying to get some information from him. However, he needed some mushrooms first. You asked him why, but he just smiled and refused to say anything else. You knew you wouldn't get anywhere if you ignore his request.

So off you went to look for mushrooms. You had seen some around the area. But then it couldn't reach the required number. Then you noticed some things that seemed out of place. And then an idea sparked in your head. You started piecing things together to make good use of them. Play Mushroom Land 2 outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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