Museum Of Illusions

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Being in the museum here built for illusions feels like one is in a dream, Harv is feeling that and even though he is in the place after closing hours, he is still feeling the complex’s functions. Harv wonders how did they ever turn this place into so? It really is eluding and Harv is trying his best to get through everything there. At first it was innocent and challenging, but it became a problem for no matter how he tries to escape from the place, he just couldn’t!

Harv is clearly not getting anywhere there now, he keeps getting lost and well he can only think of one reason why, and that is the place is really working. Harv needs to be better than the place then if he wants to get out of there and that’s even if he has to use the back-door for the escape. Escape players, Harv is currently alone in the place and that’s why he is doing this all by himself, will you be able to accompany him though and maybe you can solve some of the puzzles there to help him? For really now he is getting stuck there.

Museum Of Illusions is the newest point and click complex escape game created by Hidden 247.

Walkthrough video for Museum Of Illusions


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