Museum Escape (Ena Games) Game

Museum Escape (Ena Games)

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"This is the place where I should be looking for monstrances!" You exclaimed in delight as you red the message from your client. Finally, you don't have to intrude someone else's home just to complete your mission. You became so comfortable and confident with the location of your mission. Museums usually have the things categorized so it will be easier to look for specific things. However, upon arriving at the museum, you read a notice about the closing time. You looked at your watch and realized you only have a few minutes until closing time. Your client badly needs the monstrance so you can't delay it. You ran inside the museum but suddenly the guard stopped you. Inside the museum, you can't run. So you opted for fast walking instead. But the location for religious artifacts took many minutes to reach.

When you arrived at the location, it's like your life was reduced to half. There were so many artifacts to look at with so little time. Aside from the distance and number of artifacts, little challenges also popped up here and there. Will you be able to get the monstrance in time? Play Museum Escape (Ena Games) room escape game by Enagames.

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