Murder Mansion Game

Murder Mansion

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Your assignment to solve this case is as baffling as the mystery itself. You're simply walking leisurely in your company since your missions will start next month. But then, the boss calls you to his office. You're thinking you'll only do some consultation. He usually calls you when some of the agents are having a hard time with their case. However, this is not the case. The person in charge of this month's mystery is murdered. So you have to take his place according to schedules. Not only that, you have to solve the mystery of his death as well. You're not very close to him so it's not like you're doing a favor. Then again, you have to do as you're told. You're under contract and you don't want to pay for anything. You just have to do your job and get over it.

But it's not that easy. As he is a man of many mysteries, his death is as mysterious as it can get. Yet, you live for mysteries. These mysteries are what makes you go to work everyday. And you just have to live with solving them. Play Murder Mansion outdoor escape game by Nsr Games.

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