Mummy Under House Escape Game

Mummy Under House Escape

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The history behind this house is the reason why nobody wants to buy it. The thing is, you really need a place to live so you bought this house. Besides, this house has a very reasonable price and it fits your budget. There are hearsays that there is a mummy under this house. You chose not to believe that because the ancient period is so long ago. However, there are hints in this house that reminds you of the mummy. Moments later, you heard something down the house. You went down to check it out and your eyes can't believe what you saw. There is really a mummy under the house and you have to find a way to escape quickly. The door won't open so you have to find the key so you can get away from here.

Since you don't know where the key is, you have to look for clues that can help you out. There are also puzzles that you might encounter along the way so you have to use your logic. Don't let the mummy catch you. Play Mummy Under House Escape room escape game from Sivi Games and escape as fast as you can. Good luck!

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