Mud Hut Room Escape Game

Mud Hut Room Escape

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The temporary house Vince is in is made of mud and he would not believe that it was for the thing was sturdy and finished well. Guess the ones that created this must be very proud of themselves for what they had done, for now Vince was just happy for he has a place to stay even for just a short time for he can't get home due to restrictions. That day, Vince was the last one in the house for his buddies have already been transported to their hometowns and he was next, but as he packed his things in the room however something happened there and it was definitely trouble!

Vince is now trapped in the house for the doors would not open no matter how he tried! Why though? Did somebody lock the place on their way out? Probably, but now he is locked in and what's getting him uneasy is the thought that what if the people in-charge of the place forgot that he was in the house! That's not good at all and he can't just escape from there by punching the walls or anything. Vince needs to do something to escape without damaging some stuff there. Escape players, how are you going to escape from the house if you are faced with the same situation as Vince's here? Come and place yourself on his shoes then and try this escape challenge out!

Mud Hut Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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