Mud House Rabbit Escape Game

Mud House Rabbit Escape

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You really liked rabbits but you sometimes couldn't take the twitching of their noses. Then again, their cuteness weighed more than their twitchy noses. So you always make sure to visit the rabbits in your neighbor's backyard. He had a lot of them and he lets you take care of them most of the time. Among all the rabbits, there was one that you really liked picking up. He was a small gray rabbit. You could cuddle him. And he'd stay still. But when he had enough rest, you'd had a hard time keeping him in place. He had the tendency to jump even from a tall height just so he could run around. And when he was on the ground, prepare your legs and back. He'd run around so fast. Exhaustion could hit you.

Losing him was a major no-no ever. But he seemed so calm today so you picked him up. You looked at his eyes and he seemed okay. Just then, you felt his strong legs pushed your hands away and he ran. So you searched through the surroundings only to find him inside the cage. Play Mus House Rabbit Escape room escape game by Game Zone 15.

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