MS Paint Escapers 0

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This time escape players, you will be trying if you chose to tackle this escape game, a simple colored house which looked quite innocent. It’s so simple that it looks like it had been drawn by a kid in a computer app. Well it might have but as simple as it is, the place in the drawing is keeping you in and it would not let you out easy! Well just when you thought that everything is simple there then guess again, for the challenge there will not be so gentle as one would expect.

Escape players, same as the other escape adventures you need to find your way out of the house and even though there are very few places to look for clues there, you still must keep your eyes open for there are some hidden in there and it will be kept from your sights so you won’t escape that easily. Still though, will you have the skills and logic just to get this one done here? Go ahead then and give this one a try! See if you can escape easy no sweat.

MS Paint Escapers 0 is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Colorbomb.

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Walkthrough video for MS Paint Escapers 0

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