Mountain Wooden House

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Mountain Wooden House is just another Games 2 Attack outdoors escaping game which plays in the mountains. Imagine you are a very religious man who had been roaming on the the most important pilgrimages for years. One day you were sitting at home when you glanced a programme on the television. It was about the longest religious way which run across the spanish landscape, called El Camino. You hadn’t managed to perform soo long journey yet so you decided to take on the task. The next way you were on the plane heading there. When you arrived you realized it was maybe the harshest landscape you had ever seen. The first day you reached a small village which situated on the top of a cliff. In the distance a heavy storm was approaching toward you. You wanted to get inside the secluded part of the village in order to be safe from the rain and the lightning but found the entrance of it locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way inside. Good luck!