Mountain Land Escape Game

Mountain Land Escape

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To be at the top of the mountain is your main goal. Because of that, you got your gears ready and went quickly to the foot of the mountain. You thought that it's easy to go to the top but you are wrong. You are only half way there but you already can't find the right way. In this kind of situation, you wish that you have a hike partner but that is not the situation right now. You are all alone and because of that, you have to look for your own way to escape. There are so many paths to take. Thankfully, there are so many hints around the mountain land that can help you to choose the right path.

It would be so dangerous to be at this mountain alone in the dark. With that in mind, you have to get out of there before the sun comes down. The thing is, there are puzzles along the way that you need to solve before you can escape from this mountain. On the good note, there are clues that can help you to solve those. Play Mountain Land Escape, a brand new outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games and escape quickly! Good luck!

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