Mountain House Christmas Escape Game

Mountain House Christmas Escape

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Santa had already went delivering gifts for Christmas which had been going-on for 24 hours now, the last house Santa was delivering into was that small mountain house located in the cold wilderness but there was a kid there, so Santa must go. As a hunter, that same house was a landmark for George as he journeys to the place where bucks can be spotted, but as he come to pass that area however he saw something very weird near the place and it stands very noticeable.

George approached the house and it was okay, for the owners were his friends, he was just about to knock on the door and ask what was the thing about which was a red sleigh with reindeer leading it, but when he looked at the window, he saw a big man dressed as Santa! George thought that was his friend but it wasn't, it looked like Santa and somehow as he looks at him in the eye, he began to remember memories which wasn't his own. It was weird, but George concluded that the man was indeed the real Santa and he just couldn't believe, but at the moment Santa needs some help though for he was accidentally trapped in the house, will George be able to help him?

What about you escape players, care to join George here and decide whether to rescue Santa or not? If so then be careful, for all you know it couldn't be him. Mountain House Christmas Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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