Mountain Goat Escape Game

Mountain Goat Escape

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It was another day in Jimmy's farm where a lot of chores must be finished, that day he needs to fix the old house of his mountain goats for it's like another breeze will really topple it down. It's going to take an entire day but he is already prepared for that and readied himself, for the welfare of his goats are important to him, otherwise where will he get the milk to make his exotic cheese? Jimmy checked his mountain goats and everything seems to be in-order, until he found one missing!

One of his buck mountain goats is missing and that's definitely a problem, for it's one of only a few of his bucks there and each one is important to ensure the diversity of genes among his mountain goats! Jimmy quickly went-out to the plains and the higher mountains for there are traps all-over the area and there is a high chance that his missing goat could have been captured by one of which or, predators might get to it as well. Well unfortunately for him, he was right with one of his fears. Escape players, Jimmy needs to get his mountain goat back safe and unharmed, will you help him out and quickly too?

Mountain Goat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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