Mountain Forest Cabin Escape Game

Mountain Forest Cabin Escape

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Gerald knows very well that the mountains is not a place to be joking with, for he can get lost in there in the vast forest which has no settlement anywhere! Well at least there is one and it's located deep in the forest but its population there is slowly declining. Gerald will go there once again for the ones that are living in that area are old people and they need constant care which Gerald brings every month. He have already done this countless of times and he knows his way, but he never thought though that the small settlement will be a lot different now when he gets there.

Gerald arrives after 2 days of hiking and when he set foot in there, he already noticed something different, and that is the residents not even greeting him upon his arrival. Gerald knocked on a few doors and it's even weirder for the houses seems abandoned! Why though, the place seems to be deserted and no matter how Gerald calls for anyone, nobody would respond. Something is definitely going-on right-now, and that's why Gerald needs to leave as well for there might be a serious reason why they all disappeared so suddenly. Escape players, want to join Gerald here and see if you can escape the area as soon as possible?

Mountain Forest Cabin Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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