Morgan Horse Escape

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Mr. Morgan have passed and as his close friend, Arnold was there as his last words was said. Mr. Morgan told him to be very careful and watch his back every time, for the wild west is not very merciful to the likes of them, and also to take good care of his horse which was currently at the old house in the desert. Arnold knows where it is located, it’s just nearby and of course he’ll complete that request for it’s easily done.

Arnold arrives in the area and as always, it’s desolate there. Good thing that horse is still good, with plenty of water and hay, but he  thought he is just going to get the animal easily, but it’s not going to be that though for the rope and lock that had been keeping the animal tied had jammed and now he needs something to just cut it. Arnold could shoot the horse free, but that might startle it and he could end-up chasing it across the desert, and plus he’ll be wasting some bullets which he currently has less at the moment. Escape players, you are now Arnold here and you need to free the horse which had been promised to you by Morgan to take care of, will you be able to find an item that can free the animal? Arnold needs to get a new knife after this task really, for that is a vital thing here for everyone to have .

Morgan Horse Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Morgan Horse Escape

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