Monster Truck Traveler Escape Game

Monster Truck Traveler Escape

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You started building your own monster truck robot when you were already thirty years old. You thought it was too late to start learning something new. However, you couldn’t find anything better to do. So you bought your own kit and started to learn assembling the parts. It wasn’t that hard for you to make the parts fit. The challenge came when you were programming it. You bought the kind of programming that used graphics for easier manipulation. But even that didn’t prevent your monster truck from toppling over. You spent months trying to perfect your truck. Then it was time for you to try it out outside. You wanted to see if your truck could still move in various terrains. The park seemed to be a perfect place for testing. You found a vacant space and started letting your truck move.

It was performing well and caught the attention of the other people in the park. Then someone approached you and offered to make a bigger version of the truck. After making sure it was a legit offer, you agreed and started working on it. The truck came to life a few months later. You received an invitation to showcase your work. But it turned out to be a trap. Play Monster Truck Traveler Escape outdoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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