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Monster Escape

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When you were younger, you always wondered about monsters. A lot of people seemed to be afraid of them. However, you were simply curious about them. Your friends would always exchange scary stories and then whimper and sometimes even cry. You were just at the side with your notebook taking down the important bits that might help you meet a monster. You waited for a few weeks but still no monster showed up during your bed time. So you asked your mom if you could sleep over at your friend's house. Your mom had no problem with it. She actually wanted you to have a closer relationship with your friends and neighbors instead of just staying inside your house all the time. You promised your friend to talk to the monster to stop scaring her. She smiled wide as she took in all of your promises.

Night came and the monster did appear. But he didn't scare you a bit. Instead you talked to each other about a lot of stuffs. Just then a bright light passed by the window. You both looked outside. But then he was pulled towards a ship. You immediately jumped onto to the ship to help him. Play Monster Escape outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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