Monsoon Theme Park Escape Game

Monsoon Theme Park Escape

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The theme park is very alive all throughout spring but they start to pack-up when the monsoon rain comes and that is not good for business. Whenever they do that, Julius who was a resident in the area notices something pretty strange with the park, for that is the time the personnel let their things out as they pack and he doesn't want to describe what those things area that he sees. All he knows is that the park personnel are peculiar people and he always gives a sigh of relief when they leave. But one day however, Julius found something in one of their items and it really forced him to act.

Julius found a big cage among their things and in it was a real-live deer! Julius is seriously an animal lover even for game animals, he follows the rules of open season even though he wasn't a hunter. It is not open season right-now and that deer might have been captured by the weird park personnel from their area! Julius was angry now and he thought he had enough. Julius is going to free that deer as stealthily as possible, he doesn't want to stick with those people and that's why he needs to do this under the cover of the shadows. Escape players, will you join Julius here on his attempt to rescue the deer before it is too late? Go ahead and give it a try then, hide and be stealthy on this attempt.

Monsoon Theme Park Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Ekey Games.

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