Monkey Rescue From Cage Game

Monkey Rescue From Cage

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An animal is in-distress here thanks to some heartless humans who choose to put their pockets first than nature, stay alert on this rescue then if you choose to get it done. Monkey Rescue From Cage is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

Year by year, the poachers in the forest are slowly breaking their promise to the local village residing there that they would take as little as possible from the place so that it can reproduce, typical scoundrels and for Damien who lives in that village, the last straw was drawn after he saw that there was a trap on his midst and what's inside it was a monkey! This was a bad idea from the start that they would allow those people in continuing their activities, now that he is starting to regret, Damien made his first ever step against them by releasing that monkey.

Escape players, Damien here needs to be quick in opening the door of that cage so that he can safely free the animal while there is nobody looking. Will you be as cunning as him and see if you can make it with the rescue? Move like a ninja then and may you get that animal free no problem.

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