Monkey Go Happy - Stage 228 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 228

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It is an exciting day for you because you and your classmates are on your way to an educational trip. This time, for your Science class, you are going to an astronaut training facility. You are ecstatic because the final frontier is a source of inspiration to you. When you learned how to, all you would ever read are textbooks about outer space. It did not matter if they were too complex for you. You still appreciated the pictures of artists' renditions of outer space.

When you arrived at the destination, the teacher gathers up everyone in the class. She has important announcements to make and rules to follow. You did not hear a word she said because you are too busy looking around. You cannot wait to explore around. When you grow up, you want to spend all your adult days in this place. Finally, you hear the teacher say that you are free to explore. Immediately you rush off by your lonesome.

You come upon a spherical machine. You hear a knocking noise inside as if there is someone inside. Curious, you enter it. What you find is an adorable baby monkey. It seems it has been trying to find a way out and you yourself are also trapped.

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 228 is fun point and click escape game created by Pencil Kids. You need to figure a way out to escape together with the poor little monkey. Good luck!

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