Monkey Go Happy - Stage 225 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 225

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You are once again transported to the bizarre world of Monkey Go Happy. You know what is in store next - it is time to help another adorable monkey in trouble. Time to make the monkey go happy.

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 225 is a fun and unique point and click escape game created by Pencil Kids. In this escape game, you must point and click through numerous puzzles as you look for clues in this wild and colorful fantasy world.

You have no choice but to help the cute little monkey in front of you. This poor little baby monkey has been bawling its eyes out for hours. You already tried everything you can imagine to calm this baby. From checking its diapers to feeding it, and even giving it toys. After all those he still would not stop crying.

You try and look around because you are desperate. As you were about to give up, you find that you must reunite the little baby monkey with its mini monkey friends. This knowledge fills you with determination to start looking for the mini monkeys.

Point and click to interact with the objects of this fantasy world and solve puzzles to find the mini monkeys. Succeed and then you will make the monkey go happy.

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