Monkey GO Happy Witchcraft

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There is something wrong with a sad monkey like you. You don’t know why you are sad all day when this is not your natural mood. Moments later, you realized that this might be because of the old woman who you bullied the other day. You searched for her house and you found out that she is a witch. In fact, she did a witchcraft on you. He is not happy with what you did to her so she made you sad. You want to be happy again so you begged for her forgiveness. However, it’s not easy for this witch. Nevertheless, there is still kindness inside her heart. She still gave you a chance to escape from the witchcraft.

The thing is, you have to solve all the puzzles that she made for you. If you can’t do that, then you will be sad forever. That is the least thing that you want to happen so you have to do your best to escape from the witchcraft. There are clues around the room that you can see. You have to use those clues to complete the puzzles quickly. Monkey GO Happy Witchcraft is another room escape game made by Pencil Kids. Good luck!


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Walkthrough video for Monkey GO Happy Witchcraft

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