Monkey Go Happy – Stage 529

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An investor is already having the stress of his life playing the ups and downs of bitcoin, but he holds on to hope still and just watch the charts move. As he was stressing however, there was another one thing that had stressed him and it’s actually a threat of planetary proportions! Monkey operatives have detected this investor’s stress-levels concerning mini-monkeys! Well of course that’s understandable, for mini-monkeys are now starting to multiply in his room!

Luckily though the monkey operatives have arrived at the scene and even though he looks like a baby, one should not underestimate him for he is definitely fierce in collecting those small menacing creatures. Still he is going to need some help though for he is really not the fastest among the operatives, extra help would be very much appreciated. Escape players, want to help on the collection of the mini-monkeys here before they continue to multiply and potentially destroy this place?

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 529 is the newest point and click retrieval escape game created by Pencil Kids. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and as a part of the first game as the start of series.

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Walkthrough video for Monkey Go Happy – Stage 529

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