Monkey Go Happy – Stage 429 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 429

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This time, monkey operatives have detected stress-levels concerning mini-monkeys in a very unusual place, and that is under one of the oceans of Earth. They tried to figure-out why that was so by sending a monkey operative there in the location the levels were detected. As the operative teleported, it got itself into a human submarine and the crew were all panicking! The mini-monkeys have actually made their way in that sub and now they have destroyed a few things in the vessel which caused it to dock uncontrollably on the seabed. The crew are trying their best to repair the damage but the mini-monkeys are making that impossible, multiplying exponentially and being a menace to the instruments.

The monkey operative which was an old one will begin his retrieval, but he needs help though for he wasn't suppose to do a retrieval mission and just observe. Escape players, will you help the old monkey operative with this information-gathering turned retrieval mission?

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 429 is the newest point and click retrieval escape game created by Pencil Kids. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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