Monkey Go Happy – Stage 365 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 365

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Try this adventure here with the orange monkeys operatives! Monkey Go Happy – Stage 365 is the newest point and click retrieval adventure escape game created by Pencil Kids. This game is a continuation of the previous one, and a part of the first game from this series on the site. Best of luck!

The monkey operatives have once again been called to retrieve more of those pesky min-monkeys and it's good that the location was still on Earth. But then again it's in another science facility and this time it's in an observatory for celestial bodies located in a remote area. The scientist there have called for those small orange things are invading the place and he fears if they don't get dealt with soon, they might destroy a lot of equipment here including the giant lens!

Escape players, here is the 365th retrieval adventure here for more mini-monkeys scattered across the galaxy, they can be a real pest to the most delicate places and they must be retrieved at all cost. The job belongs to the monkey operatives but most of the time they need help, and that's where you come in. Care to join in with this one as you all retrieve mini-monkeys from an observatory? Have fun!

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