Monkey Go Happy – Stage 355 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 355

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Monkey Go Happy – Stage 355 is the newest point and click adventure escape game created by Pencil Kids. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and a part of the first game here on this series in the site. Best of luck!

Once again, another mini-monkey rescue is on and fortunately it's not in Andromeda or any far galaxy somewhere in the universe, it's just in another country on planet Earth, and that is in the outbacks of Australia. A monkey operative was already sent there but because the outback is huge and anyone can easily get lost in that place, the operative is going to need some help. The mini-monkeys have already caused some disturbance there for somehow, they managed to get a somewhat in-trance man, a kangaroo, and some alien-tech in one area and another thing, they were able to turn the area red!

They are already causing some trouble there and if that continues, then it can't be good for they are known to really destroy an ecosystem. Escape players, the monkey operatives are highly resilient to heat, cold, or even space, but that one still needs help for the mini-monkeys can scatter and are hard to catch. Escape players, care to join this 355th sequel and see if you can get this mission done quick? Go ahead then and good luck with the rescue!

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