Monkey Go Happy – Stage 256 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 256

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You missed the sound of the mission bell after leaving your village for a while to pursue your dreams. It didn’t turn out the way you would have wanted but you wouldn’t stop pursuing them. You just went back home to rest and build up your resources once more. It was always a good experience coming home. Your parents welcome you with open arms and even prepare a feast for you regardless how your adventure turned out. You decided to stay home for at least a month or two. You had to plan out your next moves carefully if you wanted to return home successfully. It was just the second day of your return when you were awakened by the sound of the mission bell. You smiled with your eyes half closed as you remember the memories you had when you were still doing the missions.

Just then, your mom entered the room and woke you up. She said some monkeys were looking for you. You went out and saw the familiar faces that used to accompany you in going through the various mission doors. You couldn’t believe you’d be on a search for happiness once more. Play Monkey Go Happy – Stage 256 adventure game released by Pencil Kids.

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